Conversations between writers and editors are necessary to the creation of clear, powerful, meaningful writing. That’s why I chose to be an editor and writing coach, a career I have pursued since 2004.

With my business partner, Myles Schrag, I opened Soulstice Publishing in 2019. We help writers, especially those who live in our home territory on the Colorado Plateau, tell their stories. Our first book, To Imogene, a Flagstaff Love Letter: One town’s long-distance romance with an iconic trail race, was published in September 2019. Our most recent books, Voices of Navajo Mothers and Daughters: Portraits of Beauty and The San Francisco Peaks and Flagstaff Through the Lens of Time, are available now.

To Imogene_Book_Cover

Some of my favorite writers are nature writers, and it’s been a pleasure to help a handful of the best see their works into print. Expert birder and writer Charles Babbitt invited me to help him finish the manuscript that became Birding Arizona: What to Know, Where to Go (R.W. Morse). The book is essential for birding Arizona (and editing it answered many birding questions I’d always wondered about). I worked with Ellen West, widow of George C. West, to complete his useful book Guide to the Plants of Arizona’s White Mountains, published by the University of New Mexico Press. I also worked with Eli J. Knapp, Ph.D., on organizing his fine and funny nature essays into book form. We’re very proud of The Delightful Horror of Family Birding: Sharing Nature With the Next Generation (Torrey House Press).  Here’s my review.

As an editor, I focus on creative nonfiction. My favorite topics are science, nature, travel, memoir, the arts, history, and sports (especially running). I am also adept at editing technical writing. I have particular expertise with wildlife-related topics, but I love to help scientists of all kinds reach a popular audience. Learn more about my specialties here.

I have decades of experience with the AP Stylebook and have edited numerous books using the Chicago Manual of Style. Over time, I’ve developed an editing philosophy that guides my work.