Editorial Services

I believe in providing exceptional value for a reasonable rate. My services include coaching and creative development, structural editing, copyediting, proofreading, and fact-checking.

Coaching and Creative Development

You have an idea (or several). You have a message to share and an audience to reach. You want to be a published writer, but need support and encouragement. Let’s take a look at your writing life and have a structured conversation about your ideas, messages, and audience. Then, we’ll choose and apply techniques to expand and support your creativity and nurture your projects from concept to page.

Developmental Editing

You have a solid draft in hand. Does it get your message across? Does it have a satisfying shape? Will the content intrigue readers and answer their questions? If those questions are keeping you up at night, it’s time to restore your sleep. I will read your work at least twice and provide a written critique, with suggestions appropriate to the work’s size and shape. Is everything necessary included? Is everything unnecessary left out? Is everything generally in the right place? Together, we will find the answers.


You have a well-shaped piece of work, but you’re worried about all those little details you didn’t like learning about in school. Never fear! I will read the entire manuscript line by line and edit grammar, usage, punctuation, style, and spelling using Microsoft Word’s track changes feature. I’ll make sure your work’s meaning is clear, while carefully maintaining your voice.

Proofreading and Fact-checking

Your work is almost ready for publication! You know that errors can turn off a potential publisher or reader, but you’ve been so close to this text for so long that you just can’t see it anymore. Let me put my eye for detail to work on your behalf. I’m also happy to review and proofread websites, to eliminate those pesky typos that can turn off potential business clients.


Your work is ready to meet its readers! I can help you draft a book proposal, research publishers, or find an agent. We can also talk about whether your work might be a good fit for the small, Flagstaff-based publishing house I help run, Soulstice Publishing.